Wednesday, 24 June 2009


Do you know what my biggest fault is? Patience. Joking. You must have seen the title. It's impatience.

I write posts when the mood takes me. But I always try to stay at least two days ahead. (I've got this thing: posting every day is a must. Over the year, my goal is 500 posts.) This system has disadvantages. I'm two days ahead of you in any discussion. In my head. (In my head is where I have most of my discussions. You should meet Lucas. The way he argues with himself out loud matches the inside of my head.)

Apfelstrudel. Schnell, schnell. There's always a WW II film going on somewhere. In my head. The sublimal effect of British war films on my writing is too frightening to think about.

Summer theme. I've written something in the future about it. I'm dying to tell you. But that would spoil all the fun.

Damn my diligence.


Alan said...

Really? Why? I shoot off the hip as if I was instant messaging and move on. Is it the need to stack or review?

Ron Pattinson said...

I don't like to feel forced to a post at a certain time. I prefer to have some queued up for the next day or two. Though once I've got a few days planned out, I'll often write something and post it immediately.